What Sets Us Apart

Compassionate, Caring Dental Solutions for Your Family’s Smiles

At Matta Family Dentistry, you will never feel like teeth in a chair, a number on a chart, or a revenue source to be exploited, we promise!

Instead, from the moment you contact us you will be treated as an individual, with compassion and respect for your unique needs. For Dr. Matthew Matta and our team, dentistry is about serving our community, providing high-quality and personalized care designed to your wishes.

We are dedicated to ethical dentistry, excellent customer service, and ensuring you are informed, engaged, and confident that you are in caring hands.

Our Focus

Your teeth and gums are body parts. What happens in your mouth affects the rest of your body and your self-image. Likewise, bodily health and behaviors impact your dental wellness. By caring for the whole of who you are, in addition to your oral health, we help you live a fuller life: we want to help you love your smile while you enjoy all that life offers!

  • Attentive, Comfortable Dental Care: We believe that taking care of your smile should be a worry-free, painless experience. From our inviting reception area with complimentary water and snacks to our treatment chairs and neck pillows, we want you to be at ease. Dr. Matta is known for his gentle touch and we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), too, to aid in relaxation. If there is anything more you need to make an appointment easier, please let us know: we’ll move mountains to keep you comfortable.
  • Personalized Dental Solutions: You are unique, with specific dental needs, wishes, and expectations. Rather than an assembly-line approach to dental care, we actively listen to and learn what you want from us. We will walk you through the diagnosis, discuss different treatment options, and directly answer your questions. You deserve to be fully informed in order to make knowledgeable decisions that are right for you and your life.
  • Advanced Dental Treatment: Like all areas of healthcare, dentistry is constantly evolving. Through ongoing professional education, Dr. Matta and our team stay current on the latest advancements and options. By carefully evaluating new technologies, techniques, and materials, we are able to incorporate the best – those that improve treatment, the patient experience, and results – into your care.
  • Patient Education: In addition to our own education, we strongly believe in teaching and motivating you to stay on top of your oral health. Focusing on your oral concerns, we will provide the latest useful and practical guidance on home dental hygiene practices. From new products to establishing better habits, we will help you take control of your smile’s health!

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Located in Spokane, WA, Matta Family Dentistry welcomes individuals and families from Spokane Valley, Deer Park, and the surrounding area. Please contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment with Dr. Matta, today!